Citizens of the People's Republic of the Demoscene, listen up! It is time for prEvoke again! Are you visiting the dirty imperialist event known as 어보크 (or "Evoke" to you brainwashed westerners)? Come a night early, visit prEvoke, and drink for the glory of our dear leader!

Sounds good so far...

You can sleep there (bring a sleeping bag!), there are sofas and plenty of space. On Friday morning we will eat breakfast, clean up a bit and collectively move over to 어보크 (eo-bo-keu).

Beer and soft drinks are available at fair prices. Bring hard liquor yourself if you want any. There is a full kitchen for preparing food and/or drinks, and a supermarket right across the street (closes at 21:00). Entrance is free. Registration is optional, though it would really help us with planning beer-supplies.

If you want to come before 18:00 or if you have any other questions please contact me at topy (at) untergrund (dot) net or call me at +49 162 5716111

I am not quite convinced yet...

Well then don't listen to me, just watch this glorious demonstration of the people's artistic ability and see why you should join the revolution! Sorry, no video yet - but it should run even on western imperialist potatoes.
Prevooke meets 5711 again by Wursthupe


There will be prEvoke shirts again! You can buy them at PrEvoke or, if there are any left, at Evoke, for 15'000 North Korean Won (or 15€ if you prefer).

So when does the revolution begin?

Thursday, 16. August 2019 from 18:00 (GMT+2)
Please contact me in advance if you plan to arrive before 18:00!
Experience shows that the party will last all night, so its no problem if you arrive late at night.

And where is it?

Chaos Computer Club Cologne (C4) e.V.
Heliosstraße 6a
50825 Köln

How do I get there by train/tram/bus?

Take the tram line 3, 4 or 13 to the stop "Venloer Straße/Gürtel" and leave through the exit "Heliosstraße/Bezirksverwaltung". Turn around and cross "Venloer Straße". Enter Heliosstraße and walk for about 2-3 minutes. Enter the driveway on the right just before the supermarket. You will find the C4/CCC there. There might also be prEvoke signs. Maybe.

I am coming by car/bike/helicopter/space shuttle, where can I park?

There are some parking spaces in the yard in front of the entrance and out on the road. It's usually not too hard to find a parking spot somewhere reasonably near.

Sign up and join the revolution!

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Who else is coming?

Revolutionaries that joined the cause so far:
#    Name Comment
1 Topy    "Hallo?"
2 Comrade Saga Musix    "Ready for the next rocket test!"
3 reality404    "All glory to Topy"
4 jco    "not sure yet but it's been fun the last times, also how much content can you add in this message? did you know that Die Bestände der Massai-Giraffen in Tansania und Kenia sind in den letzten 30 Jahren auf die Hälfte geschrumpft."
5 Laura    "WAS????"
6 dojö    "Hup huuuuup! "
7 kaumau    "nom nom nom auf Koreanisch"
8 Comrade Medo    "Kim Jong Kardashian"
9 xq    "대화 형 컴퓨터 물건"
10 T$    "Arsch hoh"
11 PotcFdk    "I'm considering it! Would be my first prEvoke."
12 mantratronic    "i bring news of glorious irish tractor production for revolutionary progress comrades!"
13 Jasmin68k    "Age of the geek"
14 Franky    "May the morning shine on the rivers and mountains of this land, Packed with the wealth of silver and gold. , My beautiful homeland of three thousand Ri With a long history of five millennia"
15 XynnM    "Party hard bitches "
16 keen    "yo brothers!"
17 Lord/Spreadpoint    "Join the Power!"
18 Nodepond    "fck yo ol'"
19 CyReVolt    "Where is the leader who leads me? I'm still waiting..."
20 regines    "First show me the leader, then I'll decide if I want to follow them."
21 Der Penis    "Bitte Mund öffnen."
Total: 21


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