Holy shit, time for prEvoke again already! Coming to Evoke? Want to start partying sooner? Or need a place to stay before the party? Perfect! For the SEVENTH time in a row we are meeting the night before Evoke to drink beer, hang out and get in the mood for Evoke. Last year there were over 40 people there in total!

Sounds good so far...

You can sleep there (bring a sleeping bag!), there are sofas and plenty of space. On Friday morning we will eat breakfast, clean up a bit and collectively move over to Evoke.

Beer and soft drinks are available at fair prices. Bring hard liquor yourself if you want any. There is a full kitchen for preparing food and/or drinks, and a supermarket right across the street (closes at 21:00). Entrance is free. Registration is optional, though it would really help us with planning beer-supplies.

If you want to come before 18:00 or if you have any other questions please contact me at topy (at) untergrund (dot) net or call me at +49 (0) 0162 5716111


There will be prEvoke shirts again! The design is still a secret, but they will be... unique. And related to the lazyness that is this years Evoke "theme". :) For sale at prEvoke (and if there are leftovers at Evoke) for 15€ a piece!

Awesome, when do we start?

Thursday, 16. August 2018 from 18:00 (GMT+2)
Please note that we are starting an hour later this year! Please contact me in advance if you plan to arrive before 18:00!
Experience shows that the party will last all night, so its no problem if you arrive late at night.

And where is it?

Chaos Computer Club Cologne (C4) e.V.
Heliosstraße 6a
50825 Köln

How do I get there by train/tram/bus?

Take the tram line 3, 4 or 13 to the stop "Venloer Straße/Gürtel" and leave through the exit "Heliosstraße/Bezirksverwaltung". Turn around and cross "Venloer Straße". Enter Heliosstraße and walk for about 2-3 minutes. Enter the driveway on the right just before the supermarket. You will find the C4/CCC there. There might also be prEvoke signs. Maybe.

I am coming by car/bike/helicopter/space shuttle, where can I park?

There are some parking spaces in the yard in front of the entrance and out on the road. It's usually not too hard to find a parking spot somewhere reasonably near.

Register now!

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Who else is coming?

Registrations so far:
#    Name Comment
1 Topy44    "prEeeevooookeeee!"
2 laura    "hello, bastards <3"
3 Saga Musix    "Provoke evoke!"
4 dojoe    "The real party is before the party!"
5 Tee Ess    "Arsch huh"
6 xq    "The forced me to come! So i do come...."
7 kaomau    "Finally <3"
8 lambdacore    "prEvoke again? prEvoke again! :-)"
9 eha    "prevoke, ok?"
10 Medo    "ekoverp"
11 DJefke     "Taboetchimak"
Total: 11


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